Dating two people at once

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As usual they had a ton of fun and she talked a lot about future plans but Hank and I both know that most will fall through.As nice as it is to have two men interested in you (especially as opposed to men), it quickly becomes complicated and is often marked by guilt and anxiety.The anxiety comes, I believe, from worrying that you'll have to choose one over the other, inevitably hurting someone's feelings, as well as risking choosing wrongly, thereby missing out on the "right" one.I believe wisdom involves focusing on one man at a time. If you're thinking of having dinner with guy A on Friday, telling him you love him, and kissing him passionately before saying goodnight, and then doing all that again with guy B on Saturday, I'd say you're in for a heap of trouble. Remember that before they're a potential husband, they're your brother in Christ.When Steve and I were growing in friendship, along with a great group of other singles in our graduate school program, I knew it would be impossible to move forward in our relationship (past friendship) until, and unless, he considered what we had together apart from all the other possibilities. Relate to them that way, and you'll save yourself (and them) a lot of heartache and sorrow. Resist the temptation to race ahead of where you are in .

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