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Hours after Serena dominated and won the WTA tournament in Cinci -- with Drake in the crowd -- the two hit up the uber-fancy Sotto restaurant in downtown for some hoity-toity Italian food (the porterhouse is ).

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I was paired with the lovely blahfink who has provided the artwork. For now, get a little taste of their meeting together. And here's the second: This was all Phichit’s fault. So naturally, Yuuri was nervous and not as gung-ho about this.

As soon as the link of those comes up (or when I get the chance), I'll add them to the fic. Thanks to the mods at Viktuuri Reverse Bang for all of this as well! “They’re looking for an average person but I bet they want someone better looking.” He said. This is just to get people to stop by and check it out.” “That may be so but you could be what they are looking for.” Phichit pointed out.

Nonetheless, he had been asked to come in and get some shots done of his feet and legs.

The modeling company had advertised they wanted a model that people could relate to.

The person didn’t need to have any prior experience and it was actually preferred that they didn’t.

That alone was enough to make him a little apprehensive.

Being a model was not something he had ever dreamed about.

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