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Today I’m going to talk about one that may or may not have really been a girlfriend of David “Non-Baldy” Cook, Kimberly Johnson, a model/nurse living in Atlanta, Georgia.Kim was some years older than David which lead the Sockpuppets to proclaim her a ‘cougar’ even though she had no other cougarish characteristics and she really wasn’t old enough to be a cougar.A full year after Cook and Caldwell broke up Mary Ann/Holly was very busy bashing her most merrily.Many of the threads there are obsessing over who he had dated and who he might be doing the horizontal mambo with, neither of which is actually anyone’s business but his. I am in my late 20’s, engaged and don’t give a hoot about David Cook as boyfriend material.

On a side note: It’s ironic that she’s named her board “Uncensored” because the only really uncensored thing there are discussions of his dick and trashing of anyone he’s been seening even looking sideways at that possesses a vagina.

Some have said that Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets sold the information to Just Jared like she later did with Kim Johnson.

She ignored the fact that Lana Jade had a resume filled with modeling gigs, a pilot she did for MTV and other ‘real’ events, unlike her own resume which is almost completely fictitious Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets sent nasty messages through to Lana Jade’s My Space and harassed her relentlessly.

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Every single time David Cook was spotted with an attractive female Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets assumed that a) he was having hot nasty sex with this gal and b) the girl was a nasty slut not worthy of David. Next up was Lana Jade, a cute blonde from the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.

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