Dhcp not updating dns server 2016 r2

If the dynamic DNS registration is successful, it’s marked as “Complete”.

A background process (scavenger) in DHCP server wakes up every hour, goes through the lease database and calls the DNS client API to register leases where the DNS update status is “Pending”.

Given the above implementation, in a situation where the reverse lookup zone is not present, the queue inside the DNS client builds up and causes long delays in the registration of other DHCP clients which should have gone through. The second change is related to retries in the DNS client.

The current implementation made 3 attempts at failed registrations with a time interval of 5 minutes between them.

In other words, the impact of a missing configuration like reverse lookup zone not being present becomes quite severe.

So, a change was made in DNS client to not make any retries for failed registrations.

Whenever a device obtains a new IP address lease from the DHCP server, DHCP server sends a dynamic DNS update request to the DNS server. Ajay Sarkaria here with new information on the changes in dynamic DNS registrations.In the past, we have had many customers who call Microsoft support with scenarios where dynamic DNS registration from a Microsoft DHCP server either fail or is delayed.This causes printers or other critical devices to not get registered or get registered with delays.This issue has been difficult to diagnose as the current logs did not provide adequate visibility into the reasons for the failures.

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