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Successor pattern on 'Sherwood shape was called 'Images'.Discontinued 1987Bright blue on darker blue, bright orange dotted centres to simple flower-like pattern. Dark brown edges on plates, light blue glazed interiors to hollow-ware. Discontinued in 1977Centre of plates have solid circle of rust red, hollow ware has a band of this colour between darker brown.I have a plate with the mark 1-72 of a stagecoach driven by horses in a storm. ===============================Moderator's reply:-Please click here:- Valuations This milk pitcher has me stumped because it doesn't say Lord Nelson Wares, but just Nelson Wares and i can't find any site that says Nelson Wares only and i can't find the scene which is called Homestead. Someone's great smarts would make me very and incredibly happy. Megan Kalu Dear Megan Kalu of Thunder Bay Great question, thank for asking it.The answer is, yes, they are one and the same indeed. One was NELSON WARE, another was LORD NELSON WARE and he also had a brand in his own name ELIJAH COTTON.3 dots of gold on the outside of the writing of Pottery.

Produced over 12 years, it has seen several shape/ item changes; has a wide gift ware range & some interesting cookware pieces.The 10 78 will be the month October and the year the pattern was applied, i.e. Again this would be on the back or bottom of the item.I jumped at buying a cake plate in the Lord Nelson Marina patten and now that I have it at home I noticed the backstamp says Lord Nelson Pottery, England 3-85 3346 I have only seen it with Lord Nelson Ware BMC do you think this is a fake?Solid red, yellow and mid-brown glazes used to create a star and circle roundel pattern on a shape designed by Gill Pemberton.A unique range with an almost infinite variety of pieces.

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