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- Multi storyline story and lots of OC's Turning to look at him, she gave him an odd look. It's an easy enough goal, except when you happen to be a famous witch that combines the Potter luck and Winchester luck into one adorable green-eyed package. Harry, slash At a young age Harry met someone called the Doctor, he became his friend. Harry Potter was hidden from the world for being what he was.Over the course of his school life the Doctor returned, in each of his incarnations. But when his destiny starts calling him he will rise up to be one of the greatest sorcerer's to ever walk the earth.Leaving Hogwarts Harry continues to have adventures, visited upon by the Doctor's influences. Harry Stark, adoptive son of Tony Stark, was raised in America and grew up learning about the family business. He will encounter new friends, dangerous foes, forbidden love and an unshaken adventurer that will tell the story of all who once walk the path he did. HP/OCFeeling guilty about the injury of his best friend, Harry tries to make amends to Hermione after the fallout of Skeeter's article.After being entered in the blasted Triwizard Tournament Harry finds himself studying in the library for anything that will help him get out alive. Features an actual plot, realistic reactions, decent pacing, *minimal quotations*, and White Squirrel's permission. Harry is surprised by the side effects of having saved Ginny in the chamber. There were many people who wouldn't have done what they did if they could forsee the consequences of their actions and Harry's reactions. A walk through the castle will shift the destiny of several people. However when he receives his Hogwarts letter, will the Wizarding world be prepared for the rich, smooth talking Harry Potter or even worse his ultra ego The Iron Wizard. They discover new insights about each other as they fall in love.

Not just canon events, assorted fanfics are honored, ridiculed, homaged. The Dursley's are on holiday and Harry is studying over the summer, doing research on Animagus transformations. (Link x Mipha)Zelda awakens in the chamber of resurrection, not remembering who she is or why she is there.

When he finally has enough and tells everyone where to get off.

Then he finds help in the strangest places that he never would have believed.

What will be the outcome of Harry stumbling upon information that could shake Hogwarts, and our hero, to its roots? The sequel to "A Dramatic Reading" by White Squirrel - join Hogwarts and invited Ministry guests as they continue with a public reading of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", by J. A Collection of plots that will never cross the threshold to full story ideas, primarily because they just have nowhere to go, and the muse just drops hints. Harry once again leaps without looking trying to save the life of a Slytherin witch he barely knows even after six years of school. (Smart, smooth talking Harry, ladies man Harry, powerful Harry.) Harry/Daphne Harry/Kitty Pryde Several seemingly small changes in a familiar story spark large differences down the line. His decision to join Hermione for the Easter Holidays changes everything that he knows. That fateful night at Godric's Hollow, Lily Potter survives.

The aftermath of his decision will have significant ramifications for those involved. James and Lily Potter welcome their new daughter to the world on July 31st, instead of a son. With the help of Sirius and Remus she decides to take Harry away from Dumbledore's manipulations and goes to America.

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