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I continued to trade emails with her because I was really interested to see how long it would be before a request for money came about. I am sociable, rather with common sense of humour, I like to read, listening some music, dance. I want to find to myself of a satellite of life with which one I would conduct the rest(remainder) of life. I today have said to the mum that to me the person from America answered. But I think that for us all will be good also we shall understand one another . I have no the telephone but would like to hear your voice. I simply I deal a part of my time now for the greater award hereafter.

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I think that to be happy is the most important thing in our life, and nothing can be instead of it. I like my work very much because I like to communicate with people. It is very great support in the life, and I cant imagine how to live without it.She said her girlfriends took this course and they can speak English now.I nearly sent her the money she requested using Western Union, but something inside did not feel right sending so much money to a woman I really didn't know.This girl Alla Vasilenko, who I found out later is a man named Aleksandr Kuleshov emailed me with her photos and we started emailing each other, she told me she was using this service Rondez-Vous whos name was on each of the emails sent.She (he) sounded too flowery in language I thought that this doesn't seem right, she kept telling me she did not speak English well and wanted me to send her 0.00 for English classes so we can communicate and have a life of love together.

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