Endometrial dating

As the name suggests, there is brisk cell division with prominent mitotic activity in both the glands and the stroma.

Under the influence of oestrogen, the stroma is often the thickest at day 10.

The early interval phase is therefore indistinguishable from late proliferative phase without biochemical corrobation.

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ENDOMETRIUM, BIOPSY: - FRAGMENTS OF DETACHED SQUAMOUS EPITHELIUM, ENDOCERVICAL EPITHELIUM AND FOCALLY PROLIFERATIVE ENDOMETRIAL GLANDS.-- Abundant balls of condensed non-proliferative endometrial stroma and blood.ENDOMETRIUM, BIOPSY: - VERY WEAKLY PROLIFERATIVE ENDOMETRIAL GLANDS WITH NEUTROPHILS AND APOPTOSIS. - NEGATIVE FOR HYPERPLASIA AND NEGATIVE FOR MALIGNANCY.ENDOMETRIUM, BIOPSY: - BENIGN ADIPOSE TISSUE, SEE COMMENT. COMMENT: The presence of adipose tissue raises the possibility of perforation. Traditionally, the first day of menstruation is taken as day 1 of an idealised 28-day cycle while ovulation is conventionally timed at day 14.

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