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With so much amazing technology available and a music industry that’s all about cross-pollination between diverse genres, right now is an incredible time to be a music producer and bring new sounds into being.

Getting in and learning what it takes to build a song from scratch and taking the music you’ve imagined and turning it into something you can share with the world has never been more achievable.

With theses guiding principles in mind, paired with the unique insight your mentor has to offer, you’ll be prepared to walk into any recording session, having greater command over the technology,…

Learn more about LESSON 3: Fundamentals II: Analog vs Digital Welcome to Logic Pro X, the standard for electronic music production.

As an electronic music artist or producer your goal is synthesize those elements into a style that is truly your own whether it be used for licensing in film and television or as a part of your live DJ set.

As part of Recording Connection’s fully-immersive electronic music program, you’ll receive private in-person education in a real recording studio or music production room plus remote tutoring from an established music creator.

EDM production is at the forefront of change, powered by driven, enterprising artists who are crushing age-old assumptions and changing the music industry forever.

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As many of us consider the studio to be our instrument, we’ll take a look at those who have pioneered this extension of human capability through technology,…Harnessing sound and acoustical energy is a lifelong journey.One-on-one with your mentor, you’ll sharpen your sonic awareness as it relates to real-world recording sessions, inside a professional environment. Waveform Characteristics Hearing Chapter Quiz Blog Entry Learn more about LESSON 2: Fundamentals I: Sound and Hearing In this lesson, we move forward on our journey through sound, examining the underlying principles of audio and signal flow in the electrical realm (analog) as well as inside the computer (digital).In today’s age, new tools and ideologies to music making are introduced every five minutes.Understanding the manipulation of audio as the tools evolve over time is a trait shared by the most successful in this industry.

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