Ex boyfriend on dating sites still contacting me online christian teen asian dating

Our relationship started going south the last few months..had next to no trust..small arguments almost every week..misunderstandings..anyhow, we reached an end point and called it quits..still had the occasional text, n even went to a movie for "the last time"....

But i knew it was complicating things so i told him we had to stop..we entered the no contact rule.

The thing is, he used to tell me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, marry me, that I was his perfect match, the best he ever had, the best thing that ever happened to him, that he would always be there for me and never give up on me, and yet that's exactly what he did when things got bad, he gave up. I feel like a lot of the arguing was about little things that turned into big things.

And if you were him and saw that I had one now too how would you feel? Only make an online profile for the purposes of seriously finding someone. I cried and told him how much I love him and that it didn't have to be this way.

Then he got very angry with me for saying that wasn't true. What we had before all of this arguing was something that's hard to come by. I still wish it could have been resolved and think it could have if he gave it more of a chance rather than take on the attitude of when things get difficult to try less, or so it seemed, although he says he was trying but admits not as much as could have toward the end. I thought about writing him a letter and letting him know that I still love him and that I'm sorry while acknowledging that things were over but still wishing him the best just to get some closure. I really want him to be happy but I need to be, too. You and he didn't have an online relationship, right?

I gathered my things, gave him back my key to his house, and left. Then I thought about asking him if he would like to try to be friends someday although it's too soon. And he has moved on or at least it appears that he is trying to. Is the letter or asking for friendship down the road a bad idea? He just made an online profile after the break up, correct? Just like stupidly you made a profile, guys can do it too. We didn't have an online or long distance relationship or anything like that.

He seemed to be having a lot of issues, a lot of which he started to take out on me. I came up with ways to fix this communication breakdown, which we both agreed were working. He said he loves me and wants to be with me he just doesn't know if he can anymore.

He couldn't seem to get over little things, or took a long time to recover at least.

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