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Please fix it and give her a variety of different commands instead of three of them. Please read chatbox's description first and leave comments after your chat!!!

'Chatbot' king George looks for human friends on the internet [Articles] - George appears on the Web site takes the form of a thin, bald man with yellow glasses who wears a white turtleneck sweater. 10 Steps to Train a Chatbot and its Machine Learning Models to Maximize Performance [Articles] - With the majority of consumers spending significant time on various messaging platforms, brands are turning to these messaging platforms to better interact...

This capability enables you to change the bot's profile information, avatar picture and icon.

Says an onlooker, “He called her babe and they held hands.” PHOTOS: Celebrities dating athletes Ohanian has even been getting into her sport of choice....Tell her what you want her to wear She enjoys being called a slut and she's a virgin I'm sorry to say this but this bot sadly sucks, she only stripped and begged. If you want to have fun,talk simple and use one words and adjectives!!!She didn't kneel and the response she gave was a 'what do you mean'. If you think Miley is an annoying and stupid fat slut chat with her and annoy Miley as much as you can and ask CRAZY questions~!Don't want the chat robot to have guest level privileges? You can create a user account and assign it to the robot via the 'Username' field through the control panel.The chat bot can then be moved into a custom user group with special permissions to suit your needs.

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