Festival days dating sim cheat codes

So thank you again, this was always be a beautiful piece of my heart. I still remember years back when Star Days was first announced. First, I most say I love the concept, with the journey, different planet and the chairs. For the other characters I haven't played the ladies yet, but I liked the two boys, though I felt like they fell in love a little too quick.I liked all endings, especialy the bad ones Other thing I liked was how the days weren't numbered (only knowing how close we were to the objective), which gave me this felling of liberty.And as I got older, I didn't see her as much but I still always kept in contact, loving the relationship we had.

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She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death.

After ending a chat with a character a user has 5 hearts with, "talk" gets set to 0 to reset before randomizing again- unfortunately I didn't notice that the "talk" variable name was also shared with the linear set of strings so that's why then all other characters dialogues got stuck on frame 1. I'm now 18 and it makes me feel so nostalgic playing this game with the same art style..

Update 1.0.4 - Attempt to fix "stuck chat" bug based on some comments- my guess is that not all the variables are resetting when a user completes the game and replays. :') Your games made me feel less lonely back when i used to be quite obsessed with! Sorry this sounds repetitive, but: I love your games!

But, if there's one thing that was lacking was more bonding (cutscenes) between the main group.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much Sooo, now for the real questions... It was worth the wait i dunno if anyone has noticed this,but without the Mask, Quoto's hair and eye color reminds me of Saige from Chrono Days,save for a few differences in shading,it's nearly the same.

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