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Rating: MPairings: Dillon/Ziggy, Scott/Summer, Gem/Flynn/Gemma, K/Tenaya Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or anything related to the franchise. As mentioned in the notes, several of the concepts seen in this story were inspired by Anne Bishop's novels; these concepts, though slightly altered in some ways for the sake of the story, do not belong to me either. Pairings: Summer/Scott, Dillon/Ziggy, Gem/Flynn/Gemma, K/Tenaya Warnings: Graphic violence/death, attempted non-con, gay sex, threesome Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers RPM or any f the characters.Then it disappeared and Gem gasped as he saw his sister materialize in front of him."Gemma! "Gemma nodded before glancing at the duplicate version of herself laying motionless upon the ground. The pale girl crumpled to the ground as the light stopped and assumed the shape of Scott. "You might be dead, but you have now returned and I will not stop until you have been wiped from the memory of everyone you care about! She had no time to dodge or deflect his attack, but when his fist met with her head, she felt sparks explode around her. Despite the group being surrounded, she was still pretty far away. "You'll live, we just need to stop the bleeding and- ""I am glad I was able to become friends with you guys." Vasquez was losing breath, her voice getting quieter with each word. The colonel rushed over and ripped Vasquez's body out of Summer's arms, looking down at her with a mixture of pain and anger etched on his face."Colonel, I'm so sorry," Summer sighed. Yes, it had happened to Gemma too, but as a Power Ranger, she had been allowed to return temporarily. She passed Vasquez's body back to the colonel and went over to Gemma. Summer glanced over at Gemma's actual lifeless body, her heart breaking all over again. Ten-Four, over."In the next few minutes, Gem, Flynn, and Corporal Hicks tried valiantly to rip apart the car to find Gem's sister, but it was no use. "As the ambulance stopped, about 9 paramedics got out."Help us! Flynn and Gem stepped back and the paramedics took their place. ""Oh no," Gem murmured as the paramedics lifted his sister's body out of the broken-down Jeep. Her clothes were torn and her body was crisscrossed with many heavily bleeding cuts and gashes. Then Gemma cried out in pain, her arms straining against the straps that held her down. Gemma coughed a few times, spewing up blood, her silver eyes widening in terror as her face and chest were coated in red."I was allowed to visit for a short time," she murmured as the other Rangers noticed her."Gemma, is that you? K gasped as she ran over to her and everyone began talking at once."How long are you here? Gemma turned to face him, blinking frequently to stop tears from falling."I'm sorry," Gem murmured into her ear gently, stroking her hair as she leaned against her brother, finding comfort in his arms. Scott took his advantage and quickly swept up the sword that had almost caused Summer's death, then thrust it at Gemma. Scott glared at her, but still kept his attack on his target. "We can't do that without you."Vasquez looked up at her and the painful look in her eyes brought tears to Summer's. "You were my family." The last word was no more than the slightest whisper. The girl had stopped struggling and was laying flat on her back. "I will give the rest of my remaining life force to her. A cry from behind Summer distracted her momentarily. Just then, an ambulance came roaring around the corner, its siren wailing."Stop! Using all of their strength, they lifted one of the car doors off the burnt car, revealing a messy and crushed inside and- Gemma."We found her! Chunks of glass and metal stuck out of her skin on her arms, chest, and face. There was a way to rectify the situation, but it would require a great deal of surgery and medicine.Prologue Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Director: dream-edge Title: Until We Bleed Characters/Pairings: Dr K, Tenaya; K/Tenaya Summary: I didn't make the video with a story in mind but if you see one you like, go for it.Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or anything related to the franchise.He stood unblinking, still as a mouse."Scott, it's not my fault! Gemma then received many blows to her head from the one who she had always thought of as a friend."Please, Scott! " Gemma's head was bleeding hard now and she screamed again as Scott kicked her in the chest again. "Gem already lost his sister and look how he is now. It's the future of this Earth."Summer's hand trembled and Dillon held his breath. Or would she heed Dillon's advice and drop the suicide idea- and the sword? Gemma tried to escape his grip, but her injured leg wouldn't support her and she fell back with a cry of pain. It sunk deep into her flesh, splitting her shoulder bone, causing loud screams to echo from her throat."No! " Summer cried as she attacked her friend's captor from behind.

Gem wanted to tear himself away from the images, but now, he couldn't. Gemma slowly crawled her way to where Flynn's room was, which was right next to this one, leaving trails of blood in her wake. "But first, we need to get you cleaned up." He went into his bathroom and came out again with a few rolls of gauze, a pack of wipes, and a few bandages. K, and Flynn were looking away from everything, and Dillon was still holding Gemma's body delicately in his arms. Gemma had been Flynn's actual girlfriend, Dillon's first love, and most importantly, Gem's sister, the only family the two had each ever known. He knew no other siblings, no other family, not even for probability. Gemma had been the sweetest and kindest member of the group. If she had just fought harder, then Gemma wouldn't have needed to defend her- and Tenaya then went and snapped her neck. Don't hurt yourself over it."Summer shook her head again and lifted up the sword. A voice whispered on his ear, but he couldn't distinguish the familiarity of it. But victory against Venjix should come soon.""What? But just as he loomed over her, he spotted a bunch of his father's men racing around the corner, with their leader Vasquez at the head. He quietly entered the room and Gemma immediately woke up."How are you feeling? Gemma quickly pawed off the oxygen mask and sat up, wincing at the effort. " Gem gasped in horror."I'm not worth it," Gemma sighed, laying back again slowly.If you are sensitive to any kind of violence, please refrain from reading this story. Summer went to meet them with a flurry of punches and kicks, sending three of them flying. Gemma threw another kick at Tenaya, but she dodged it and shot her opponent with an energy ray, sending Gemma sprawling. Though her energy was diminished, she would still fight. Tears were running from Summer's sweet, blue eyes."What is it, Summer? "I'm trying to create an antidote here.""Gemma's dead! Blood dripped from her mouth and from other nasty wounds on her neck. When Gem came around in front of her, she whimpered and pressed Gemma harder against her, trying to find the last bit of warmth in her friend's body as she closed her eyes."G-G-Gemma?! Then she heard the others whispering."She won't let me take her." Gem. Flynn and Gemma had been very close when Gemma had been alive. It had been Gemma who was the heart of the Rangers, not Flynn."She's gone," Dillon murmured as Summer leaned into him. can't be happening." He had known that the robots were capable of mass destruction, but had never thought they could do this type of damage. If the virus took over, would he become just like them? You didn't know what it was like for me that night! " Summer stared at him for a moment and shied away from Dillon. That night that Flynn described, I had quietly peeked into his room and saw them together. Gemma was crying and screaming so much as she thrashed around in the bed. Summer looked around wildly and Dillon leaned down and gave Gemma a small kiss on her cold forehead. Gazing at Gemma, he sat down on the ground and laid her body across his lap. "Summer is my girlfriend now, but I never forgot how kind Gemma was to me." Then he fell silent.And please review when you are done reading it because I would like to know if everyone liked it. However, the next time Gemma ran at Tenaya, Tenaya grabbed her by the neck and held her up. Summer cried bitterly as she rested Gemma's head on her chest."Summer! " Summer gasped as she heard Gem's voice behind her. Summer tightened her grip on Gemma as they reached her."Summer, what happened? She barely managed to push open the door and when she stumbled in, she was all broken and bleeding and looked so much worse than this! She was in the room that we sometimes share, crying her eyes out and screaming in agony from the almost-fatal wounds that YOU gave her! The sheets were red with her blood and Flynn was trying to hold her still as he dabbed a cloth on her head. Gem sighed; it was well-known that Gemma and Dillon had been in love for quite a while before they had each fallen for Flynn and Summer. Gem looked the most somber and had every right to be.Status: Complete Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3Author: dream-edge Title: Remuré Memorium Summary: The hardest thing to say is nothing at all.When Dillon and Ziggy are separated from the rest of the team a secret Ziggy never should have kept will be revealed. Rating: M Pairings: Dillon/Ziggy Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or anything related to the franchise.

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