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This puts the person at risk for getting or giving the viruses to someone else. Drug use and addiction can make HIV and its consequences worse, especially in the brain.

For example, research has shown that HIV causes more harm to nerve cells in the brain and greater cognitive (thinking) damage among people who use methamphetamine than among people with HIV who do not use drugs.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

AIDS is the final stage of an HIV infection when the body can no longer fight off diseases.

They may become tense with obsession, but they do not break apart like the worlds of everyday reality.” Do you agree? NABOKOV I would put it differently: Humbert Humbert is a vain and cruel wretch who manages to appear “touching.” That epithet, in its true, tear-iridized sense, can only apply to my poor little girl.

Besides, how can I “diminish” to the level of ciphers, et cetera, characters that I have invented myself? Forster speaks of his major characters sometimes taking over and dictating the course of his novels.

Drug use can also lead to poor judgement and risky behaviors.

Sharing needles can spread viruses through blood or body fluids.

Most people say “HIV/AIDS” when talking about either the virus (HIV) or the disease it causes (AIDS).

HIV destroys certain cells in the immune system—called CD4 cells.

One can “diminish” a biographee, but not an eidolon. Has this ever been a problem for you, or are you in complete command? Forster’s works is limited to one novel, which I dislike; and anyway, it was not he who fathered that trite little whimsy about characters getting out of hand; it is as old as the quills, although of course one sympathizes with people if they try to wriggle out of that trip to India or wherever he takes them. INTERVIEWER Clarence Brown of Princeton has pointed out striking similarities in your work.

He refers to you as “extremely repetitious” and that in wildly different ways you are in essence saying the same thing.

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