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Any division of fees to smaller units is not possible, regardless of whether any lesson tickets remain unused beyond the expiration date of the package established at the time of purchase. The Company does not guarantee lessons with a particular curriculum, teacher, or time of day. All unused lesson tickets become invalid on and unusuable beyond the expiration date established at the time of purchase, regarding of the reason or circumstances for their non-use. If a Member elects to cancel his/her Membership, the cancellation must follow the rules and limits as explained within these terms. An expiration date applies to all lesson ticket purchases, as specified at the time of purchase.For a given expiration date, all tickets must be used (i.e., lessons completed) no later than Japan time (GMT 9 hours) on that expiration date.3.

You are found to have behaved in a way which is underhanded and/or criminal; or 6.

You also agree to comply with Internet protocols and standards. The Company will protect all Members' registration information using Internet Standard Protocol measures for security of data. If the data is breached or hacked by a third party, the Company cannot bear a responsibility for any resulting damage or personal loss. Members may not use any material gained from the Company's site for sale or distribution purposes to a third party. Term 12: Suspension or Revocation of Membership The Company may terminate the Terms and revoke Membership at any time in whole or in part with immediate effect if: 1.

You fail to comply with any terms of this agreement; or 2.

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