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Some people know that their feelings have changed without having any physical overlap.

people start something else and then have to find a “good moment to break bad news”.

Whoever they overlapped with may feel flattered now and be enjoying the honeymoon glow but they don’t realise that your average overlapper and cheater is demonstrating that when faced with problems and conflict, they don’t do problem solving.

Eventually they may find themselves being overlapped too.

Let’s be real: some people use knowledge of a possible imminent breakup to be ‘open’ to new possibilities.

Many people have experienced at least one Overlapping happens towards the end of a relationship that isn’t working, even if at least one of you is still fighting for the survival of it.

It’s also safe to say that the people that they overlap you with have no clue.Overlappers don’t do facing feelings, thoughts, or even their conscience.It hurts like hell as it jumps right into your grief and forces you out of denial and even short-circuits bargaining because it removes hope.Ultimately don’t lose sight of why your relationship wasn’t working as it’s all too easy to forget the reasons and make this new person and this idea of you being ‘rejectionable’ the reason.We like to feel that we meant something, that we were important, ‘missable’ etc.

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