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As it has the ability to send through push notifications for more important emails, Spark can save a great deal of time during a busy day.This application utilises what is known as a natural language search.Spark displays a nicely designed interface that makes it really pleasant to use.I especially like the emoticons sets included in the program, as well as the usage of a color code to distinguish between different statuses (online, away, busy and so on).Of course, no software app is perfect and neither Spark is.

Of course, there's the possibility to use one of the big IM programs like Live or Yahoo!

Gadu Gadu, IRC, and SIMPLE transports now supported.

Entire status message now displayed with word/line wrapping on tooltip.

Messenger, but Spark is faster and far more secure.

It uses the Jabber protocol which can be configured to use either private or public networks, depending on the plug-ins you install on your server.

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