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Luckily for us, the evolution and accessibility of video conferencing over the years has made it easier to connect face to face even when miles apart.

Video conferencing has typically been a technology that only larger Fortune 500-scale organizations have had the ability to use.

With our numerous LDS personals and our interactive communication features, you can connect with Mormon singles living all over the world, so you can find your ideal LDS match. I have been a convert to the LDS church for less than a year. I´m still figuring out how to use all the features.

But I have already met some nice local single priesthood holders.

According to our video conferencing partner, Life Size®, 20 years ago the average price for a video device was 0,000.

I had previously tried True LDS, but without success, and I doubted if I could actually meet anyone, since I had not succeeded previously. Five months after meeting on True LDS and going on our first date, we discovered that we had been classmates in preschool. We went to the same preschool, lived in the same city all our lives, we went to the same restaurants and malls, and we even hiked the same trail, but without True LDS, we would most likely never have met. Ogden, Utah Online dating is more common than ever before among LDS singles.Instead of having a technician travel between facilities they simply hop on a quick video conference call so they can see the problem and hopefully fix it within minutes.8.Allow for true collaboration and team building According to a study by Fraunhofer Institute, teams who worked together via video conferencing rather than email and phone were more productive.Specifically, “81% of participants said that, on phone and email, the task felt divided rather than united – whereas video-conferencing delivered genuine collaboration,” and “74% felt that decisions reached through video-conferencing felt more like joint decisions than those reached via phone/email.”9. Video conferencing takes some of the guess work out of trying to figure out what the other party is doing or thinking and allows for a more transparent conversation.10.Ability to Read Body Language and Faces We’ve all experienced it. Bolster the Bottom Line Frost & Sullivan’s recently published whitepaper, Identifying the Value of Video Collaboration: Critical Steps for Supporting Social Business, found that using next generation tools, like video conferencing, enterprises can expect to bolster the bottom line, cut down on decision periods, reduce costs and boost productivity.“Video conferencing supports the shift in the way people work, allowing participants in different time zones and locations to not only increase personal interaction, but also to share data and information via social business,” said Frost & Sullivan Vice President of Enterprise Communications & Collaboration Research Melanie Turek.

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