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My goal at those times isn't to have sex, win a date, or acquire a girlfriend. It's to flirt with the edges of romance, sex, etc without plunging into the pool. There's no way they can tell if you're a good flirtation match for them without playing some games.It's similar to wanting to watch a horror movie without actually wanting to be chased by a monster. Lots of people want a relationship but only of a specific level of intimacy (and they may not be consciously sure of what level they're looking for).And even if I'm not talking about romance, she's right to think, "This is a guy who isn't going to be into a casual affair." Because I'm pretty clearly not into a casual anything.Lots of people--even people who are aiming to settle down--don't want to get that serious, that fast, but it's pretty clear that's all I'll settle for. If chemistry exists, games are not required, just admit ya'll like one another. Games can be a really good way of accelerating that process.Maybe what I was doing wasn't exactly "games," but the point is, just like the players and the flirters, I often hid my true intentions.I danced around the truth (or outright lied) rather than simply blurting it out.

I'm much more introverted than she is, but I sometimes flirt with women I'm attracted to. It's simply flattering and fun for me to get some female attention. They are are looking for a partner who can keep up with them--who shares their sense of humor and level of intelligence (or speed of intelligence). I am looking for a steady boyfriend, but I'm not ready to commit to a marriage yet, because I want to try dating for six-months-to-a-year first, in order to be sure we're compatible as life partners. We've been talking for two hours about movies, and we obviously have the same tastes. If she likes "games" and you don't, she's the wrong woman for you. If disliking-games is important to you, they're the sort of women for you. What you're talking about is chemistry not existing--or at least the lack of a sufficient amount of chemistry.Did it ever occur to you that you can find something so entertaining, fulfilling and exciting that can make you feel better at least for a while without feeling any pain?Well my friends prepare for the power of the virtual love.

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