Garagesale widget not updating

The intent works fine, the on Update runs after the on Receive, but the text is not updated.I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that a different context, App Widget Manager, or app Widget Ids are being used.To manually update the data just click the reload button.You'll find more helpful controls on the Widget's backside.If the Widget does not work properly, please check the following: • Install the latest widget (Select "Install Widget" from the "Garage Sale" menu) • Make sure "Tracking" is enabled in the Garage Sale preferences • Allow "Garage Sale Helper" keychain access when prompted • Sometimes restarting the Mac does the trick as well.

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I have recently switched my phone to a Huawei mate 10 pro, the app itself is working fine but the widget doesn't refresh itself therefore doesn't show new tasks or hide the finished tasks. To me, this sounds like an incompatibility bug with Android 8. I'm currently experiencing a similar issue with my Huawei p10.

Also, I tried clearing all data from the app and logging in again, but that didn't help. the widget is not exactly frozen as I can choose a different list, but the tasks themselves wont refresh if marked or switching to a different list, the same ones will stay.

I'm not in battery saving mode and I'm not restricting the app to run in the background. Battery saving off, wunderlist in whitelist running background. Hello, I have a Huawei P Smart and I am having exactly the same issue, as described by Bigfoot.

Oddly enough, the widget is responsive on all other actions like starring a task, opening one, etc.

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