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Expanding the educational mission of alphabet blocks, these blocks feature simple words that can combine to make sentences.Though parents might prefer that their children arrange a tower in noun-verb order, the blocks could be stacked regardless of grammar or syntax. Meat Packing prior to forming their own meat packing company named Stark, Wetzel & Co. produced a variety of meats, ranging from the bacon advertised above, to the “Grand Duchess Steak,” which the company claimed could go from the freezer to the plate in three minutes. was also involved in promotion of the Indianapolis 500.Stark & Wetzel closed its Indianapolis location at 502 W.The directions for this Pink Tower, originally designed in 1907, ask children to stack ten wooden cubes from large to small, take down the tower, and rebuild it again. This town planning set came with a 30” x 40” street plan to help children arrange all the important buildings of a town. The toy introduced children to basic design features in the structures that made up a specific, suburban vision for an imaginary town.With this set, children were free to make their own decisions about the placement of buildings and each one’s relationship to the entire imagined community. These popular, durable cast-stone blocks were made from a mixture of quartz sand, chalk, and linseed oil, and have long been valued for their craftsmanship, their natural feel, and their weight, compared to blocks made out of wood or cardboard.

In 2006, the National Building Museum acquired George Wetzel’s collection of architectural toys.

These alphabet blocks use words, images, and letters in colorful combinations.

The stackable cubes helped familiarize children with touchstones of their culture—such as the all-American turkey—as well as letters, the building blocks of language.

Plastic mold injection, a new technique, enabled toy makers to create a variety of colorful, durable, interlocking brick construction toys that anyone could use to build complex structures.

By alternating plastic pieces, just like real brick construction, children could build stable walls and other structures.

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