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The (happy) truth is, it’s not always about you (as you’ll see in the next section).

The Real Reasons Men Don’t Text Back One of the easiest mistakes to make after being rejected is to assume that the rejection was 100% about you.

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So that’s why the best course of action when it comes to rejection is to . Why do you think I started this article talking about how much rejection sucks? There’s no embarrassment or disappointment that lasts forever – eventually you will start to feel better.

It’s also totally short-sighted and most of the time, it’s wrong.

The majority of the time, rejection is about the other person’s situation.

Any of these reactions are normal after being rejected: You might have felt unable to speak – like everything around you went shaky and your throat closed up around your words.

If you’ve been hit with a really bad rejection, it’s normal to have a powerful reaction to it.

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