Godaddy email validating mx record

Each MX record has a priority, or a number to designate the order in which your domain name's incoming mail servers receive your email messages.

This is a fail-safe measure you can use in the event your default mail server is down.Here is a guide to do so: Not sure if I 100% understand the question but if you need to set up new email accounts. That tells email servers where to forward your email to.You might want to put some other dns entries in there too? Check that the mx records are pointing to rackspace and you should be good to go. If your Name Servers point to Godaddy and your A records point to Rackspace and you purchased the email hosting on godaddy (which it sounds like you did to set up forwarders) then you most likely have the MX records set to something like smtp.(godaddy's mail servers), which just sounds like a complete mess.The domain name itself works fine as far as pointing to my site at Typepad, it's just this e-mail forwarding thing I cannot figure out.The only thing I'm using from Go Daddy is the actual domain name that I registered.

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