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for the most part, console gameging is more popular than pc gaming for the simple fact that a console platform is much more user frendly and reliable than the pc platform and again, less exspensive. like i said before, i'm a big pc gamer myself. well, i'm not gunna make a big deal outa this ne more. – by processed cornpersonally, i hate consoles, i can't stand the damned things, but you stated that doom 3 won't come out for consoles. we also got the best strategy games, starcraft, kohan, warcraft, etc. granted you can't just by a 0 compaq and expect to be able to game on it!!! but, unlike you i'm not blinded by all my computer specs and can still see the practicality of having a console. then again maturity usually comes after you hit puberty. – by wheelie309wheelie is right about not everyone not having 00. oh, and, this april i will be the first in my town to own vice city for my pc.ok, let's get this straight. you spend 00 on a pc, you get some better graphics and ability to do mods. sorry to burst your buble scarface but doom 3 will come out for xbox around the same time it comes out for pc (3-6 months). i got a pm from a dude that has the beta version of windows longhorn and the beta pc version of vice city. i'd share the ftp but i can't trust you all to not hammer it. incase you have been liveing under a rock or something, all the tony hawk games are also for the pc. i have a lot of money rapped up in my machine and i use it only for gaming. i'd like to see you pack up the fuckin pc with the monitor and all its conections and take it over to your best friends house or chill on a road trip with it in the family van or what not. so shut, get the game where ever you can, play it, and have fun. – by wheelie309maybe you should think about growing up a little instead degrading people for not having the money to buy a computer. every four years than it just like buying a new video card, more memory, or a faster proc. only dif is taht u get more bang 4 ur buck cus u got better games and such. if the corn is not processed, then chances are that you may be infected with a horrible disease, and the results could be devastating. also, to reply to crashwithuhk, the pc has lots of other games that r good besides fps. and for all of you who say's gta:vc is not for the pc,all of you can kiss my “ass”:) – by holiday stylezhey “me”,you whatever you're name is,you say gta:vc is'nt coming to pc “shut up”…gta3 came to ps2 and then came out to pc,so why should we believe you that gta:vc is not coming to pc you idiot! not everyone lives at home with mommy and daddy and can afford to dish out a 00 for a computer. also, the major consoles r allready showing their age as they can't handle antialliasing, vertex shaders, direct x 9,etc. once again, i would suggest that every single soul eats a spoonful of this stuff. we got the best role playing games like baulders gate, neverwinter nights, arcanum, etc. – by bskok, first of off i want to address that pc's are designed for games!!!! the game is gta: vice city, and it's coming out for the ps2. perhaps you think rockstar will give up the revenue from the pc games sales? – by :pexclusivity was granted before gta3 was released, and amazing as it is.. so all the ranting ps2 minions who assume what goes unsaid is without justification can digest that tidbit of proverbial steak. pc versions have and always will be superior in ported games.., arguments aside its a proven fact. the albums will include tracks from such artists as judas priest, blondie, flock of seagulls, kool and the gang, hall and oates, grandmaster flash, and cutting crew.

the gameboy advance will also be seeing gta titles on it very soon. dont get me wrong, i want it for pc and im trying to be optimistic but if it does not come out ill have to spend the 300 canadian on the damn console…oh well ) – by tenacious blisten to that … i work for rockstar and i should to end your city will be out on pc no sooner than march 03. now i probably could of got a ps2 for only a hundred dollars less and if you ask me it would hardly be worth it. take for instance, half life, quake, unreal, and the latest, gta3. sorry boys, but your petty consoles are no match for a gamer's pc -) – by luminushey moron. maybe your stupid or something, but everyone knows that gta3 came out on the pc before rock star announced at this years e3 that the rest of the gta franchise was going to be a ps2 exculsive. – by processed cornyou poeple aren't really talking about anything any more… so if you would bother to educate yourself, you would know that the deal has not been broken at all and still remains intact. but i guess thats because every one iz pretty sure vice city iz coming out. like to say i`ll never be coming back here again as it looks like you have to be under 5 to post……… just goes to show how little you know about the gaming world. well i'm not really adding any thing worth you time to read i'm just really bored and its like 2 am and i think i'm going to go to sleep be cause i was up till last night and i didn't get any sleep really but what ever atlest this is better than i like processed corn! i think i'll stick to playing counter strike till vice city comes out counter strike iz timeless fun – by jimbo the foolhello people decided to come here to see if anybody knew the release date of gta:vice city for the pc but all i have got is a bunch of immmature little geeks that are arguing about which platform is better…daddy is bigger than your daddy…up! – by you know i am sting could you share it on kazaa becuase there are a bunch of fakes that i fell for but now i know by there file sizes, if you share it with just one person then they'll probably share it too and what not and then i wont bug you!

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