Help dating a recovering addict Sex chat for read

If you find yourself making sacrifice after sacrifice, take a step back and evaluate the relationship.

Are you happier with this person or without this person?

Ask the person you are dating how he feels about you drinking alcohol.

Discuss with him whether he is comfortable with you drinking in his presence.

Keep in mind, however, that your partner’s history of addiction is very personal.

Do not talk about it with your friends — or even family members — before your partner is ready.

In her spare time, she writes fiction, reads Oliver Sacks and spends time with her two cats and bird.

Addiction — like diabetes and schizophrenia — is a chronic, lifelong illness. You need to be willing to stand by your partner and help if things get rough.

Even a person who is in recovery is still technically an addict, much like how a person in remission from cancer can redevelop symptoms. You might need to quickly leave parties where alcohol is being served, or call your partner’s sponsor if he or she starts demonstrating symptoms of a relapse. You might want to tell everyone you meet about your new significant other.

Have a conversation about when and how to share the news with your family.

When the time comes, consider compiling a list of resources that may help them better understand your significant other’s illness. They may have been evicted from a home or fired from multiple jobs.

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