Hot chatchat

*We want you to know that we appreciate your business and that we do everything we can to keep our Shipping & Processing fees as low as possible for you our truly valued customer.Our Shipping & Processing fees are used to pay for shipping the product you order as well as to pay our employees in Shipping, Customer Service, Marketing, Public Relations & Product Design a good and above average US living wage.These fees are also used to pay our Manufacturing partners and companies we advertise with - which makes this full process possible.Again, thank you for your business and congratulations on your new baby!It just shows a black screen where the game should be.I'm playing on a Windows 7 computer, on Firefox, if that helps.

*Taxes applicable to UT residents only based on the local tax rate.

Read More Your experience greatly depends upon the people you meet and how cool they are.

For example: I once played an epic game of dog tag with another kitty, only to block him out of the tree by getting a bunch of other cats to sleep near the base. If you don't find cool people at first, keep trying, they're out there! I'm trying to play this game because it sounds really cool, but it won't load for me.

Does it get so hot that you feel like you’re cooking?

Well, this is a science project to explore how strong the sun’s rays really are.

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