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The booths are really small, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable.

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Claim your stuff from the counter clerk and head down the elevator.

With a steady supply of red hot Japanese women that look like they came out of an AV movie ready to get you off whenever you’re ready, New Hot Point is one of my favorite pay for play locations anywhere in the world. Be forewarned that the place has it’s high and low points.

If you come at an off time, you may have to wait a while before there are enough customers to start the next show.

You can’t miss it, since it looks like someone nailed a few hundred lemons to the wall. There are also a number of bookshelves filled with porno magazines and erotic comics and a vending machine with drinks.

Under this sign there is an elevator and a few doors. Turn right in that little lobby and you’ll be at the front desk. He will ask you to hand over your cellphone and any bags you may have. You cannot bring your drink inside, but they will hold it for you if you don’t finish in time.

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