Hudson bay blankets dating

While Hudson Bay Blankets offer superior water resistance and durability outdoors, their plush wool construction makes them a great addition to any bedding system.

Wrap yourself in a cozy Hudson's Bay Blankets on the coldest nights at your home, cabin, or cottage.

When it was time for my eldest daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony, we were living in Montreal, far from our traditional territory of manitow-sâkahikan (Lac Ste. I hadn’t had the opportunity growing up to access rites of passage, because like so many of our ceremonies, they had been driven underground for generations and had fallen out of practice as a result.

I felt it was important to attempt a modified four-day ceremony, culminating in a feast, even if it had to be carried out in an urban environment.

If not loyalty to the Hudson’s Bay Company, and if not colonized sympathies toward a symbol of oppression, then why are these blankets so valued in the west?

I think there is a misconception, particularly in regards to the Métis, that our attachment to the HBC blanket comes from employment with the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Hudson's Bay Blankets have a proud heritage dating back to the 1700s when hunters, traders, and Native Americans used fine-quality Hudson's Bay wool blankets as currency.

Hudson's Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England using the finest wool and manufacturing techniques, blending old-fashioned craftsmanship with 21st century skill.

Today, Hudson's Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England from a select blend of the world’s finest wools and distributed in America by Woolrich.

Hudson's Bay Blankets hand-loomed manufacturing process creates a wool blanket offering water resistance, softness and warmth, and bright colors unmatched by wool blankets manufactured with a machine.

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