I will keep updating

I checked all the normal things, like cell type, auto calculation, etc...

What I found to be the problem was the formula and the fact that I surrounded numbers with quotes.

The Force new deployment option is also used when updating a Fargate task to use a more current platform version when you specify state during a deployment, as a percentage of the desired number of tasks (rounded up to the nearest integer).

This parameter enables you to deploy without using additional cluster capacity.

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If you have an application that needs more capacity, you can scale up your service.

For example, if your service has a desired number of four tasks and a minimum healthy percent of 50%, the scheduler may stop two existing tasks to free up cluster capacity before starting two new tasks.

Tasks for services that state and the container instance on which it is hosted is reported as healthy by the load balancer.

If your service uses a load balancer, the load balancer configuration defined for your service when it was created cannot be changed.

If you update the task definition for the service, the container name and container port that were specified when the service was created must remain in the task definition.

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