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The Karmti Uia Vaneecilata will contain serial stories, translations from Shakespeare, travels, biographies of eminent women, articles on ncodlewark, the fashions, &c.

When the Kanarese versions of the Qiiceii and Mijia't Jounial penetrate the zenana, the seclusion of the purdah will no longer be tolerable, and a general revolt of native womanhood may be expected. — Speaking of the Catholic Institution in Grant Eoiid, Bombay, for the oral instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, the Tiiiten of India observes : — • *' Its history is a curious one, and illustrates what, according to our jx)int of view, may be esteemed a provision of Providence. Meurin, the late Bishop of Bombay, whose fertile brain and kindly heart seemed to be for ever meditating projects of benevolence, took the liveliest personal interest in the condition of the Ueaf and Dumb, and at a time of life — ^he was then about sixty years of age — when most of us are looking forward to the ea?

I.) 8" Madras : The Archbishop and Pagan Missions (Very Rev. Protestant Foreign Missionaries From the Lake to Heaven St. How much do we read in Missionary Letters ivnd Keports of their families, birth of children, death of children, illness of wife and domestic cares, while the reader is anxious to know how the Gospel warfare goes on, what progress has been made. We accept it as a faith to be spread indeed among those around us, but so far as we are concerned, scarcely to be preached to all nations even to the uttermost parts of the world.

G.) 101 Cardinal L•J.^^gerie and the Slave Trade 123 Our Calcutta Correspondent 171 VARIETIES. Pagan Practices (Malabar Coast) Indian Folk-Lore The Amir's Curiona Decision Catholic Education in Constantinople Child-Marriage in India The Sikkim F.xpedition Kgy ptian Women Modleui Influence in Africa The Cardinal Archbishop and •' Illustrated Catholic Missions' Encouraging Words from Ireland 8 21 28 39 39 54 88 74 109 112 123 123 143 IS 159 MISSIONARY STORIES. Let me look at the subject from another point of view. But, when once a name is given, the enigma seems unravelled and few continue to inquire as before. Content with a name, we unconsciously mould its meaning to our personal bent, our interests, and our life ; so that, to take but one result, we dwindle Catholicity away, until for some of us it becomes not that world-wide faith which Christ has framed it, but only the religion of a locality.

Monks and nuns, also, are necessary personages in the buddhist enlte, and a Binnan will never compre- hend a religion in which they are wanting." India. — The Missions Gatholiques gives a striking incident communicated by Fr. The Christian village was built between the pagan village and a rock on which an idol stood. — A Hairbreadth Escape 14 Conclusion 15 Arumugam, the Adventures of a Raja's Son :— Chap. Bishop Selwyn the Elder coidd not have done what he did do, had he not been an expert manager of a craft, and a man fertile in resom-ce. How often a Missionary comes homes in full health and vigour, leaving for a time, or for ever, a field of work, for which he is suited, and in which, after some years of pupilage, he has learned to be useful, because his wife is ill ! — "Faith, said Benjamin Franklin, "is the ground floor, hope is the first floor, and charity is the garret ; " and writing next day to his sister, he said: — " Get into the garret as fast as you can, for charity is the best room to live in. And yet, whilst creeds, as other things, are still unnamed, do we not treat them more as mysteries, and curiously in- quire what they are ? But do we always sufficiently consider what precisely is that faith which the -word implies ? John Williams owed much of his influence to his skill as a blacksmith. OMETHINU of a paradox it sounds to say that if there were no such word as Catholicity many would better understand its meaning. General 105, 122, 1.37, 153, 171, 180 Africa 5, 25, 3J, 41, 57, 74, 101, 105, 121, 1,58, 171, 180 India Ceylon 5.9,24,26,42,58,73,77,89, 106, 122, l. 79 True to the Last : a True Tale 138 Lost and Pound : By Lady Hkrbkkt of Lea 170 MISSIONARY OBITUARY ,39, 64, 144, 100, 175 OUR LIBRARY TABLE : REVIEWS, 8, 24, 54, 96, 104, 128, ICO, 176 LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS, 16, 32, 39, 64, 72, 90, 112, 128, 144, 176, 188 SPIRITUAL ALMS 159, 175, 188 DONATIONS 16, 24, 64, 72, 90, 112, 123, 143, 159, 176, 188 MISSIONARY NOTES AND NEWS.

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