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The MRG CDFconvert package provided by the Mesoscale Research Group, Mc Gill University/SUNY Albany, is designed to address data conversion issues for gridded datasets stored under the COARDS convention.

CDFconvert converts regular Cylindrical Equidistant (Lat/Long) and Gaussian (Spherical) net CDF grids into either the Canadian RPN Standard File or GEMPAK file formats.

The ARM Program has developed ANDX (ARM Net CDF Data e Xtract), a command-line utility designed for routine examination and extraction of data from netcdf files.

Data can be displayed graphically (line-plot, scatter-plot, overlay, color-intensity, etc.) or extracted as ASCII data.

Additional functions have special support for multi-dimensional data such as "slicing" cross sections from multi-dimensional variable data or joining lesser-dimensional fields to form multi-dimensional structures.

ARM added others which focus on manipulation of data within existing net CDF files.

Essentially every type of net CDF library function call is exercised in ANTS.

In this way then, this open-source collection of tools also represents a library of coding examples for fundamental net CDF tasks. ARGOS (inter Active th Ree-dimensional Graphics Ob Servatory) is a new IDL-based interactive 3D visualization tool, developed by David N. Liniger at the Institute for Atmospheric Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zürich.

CDAT includes a set of pre-defined functions to allow the user to manipulate the data and send the output to a file which can be viewed as an image, or as a collection of images in an animation.

The software has a gradual learning curve, allowing the novice user to quickly obtain useful results.

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