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As long as you tend to be routinely offering freight out of a single area, like Mississippi, this could possibly improve the potential of acquiring a lower price on your loads.

Brokerage services, 3PL services, air freight services, rack & general storage services, cold storage services, assembly services, pool distribution services, & lading services are available.

The weight, insurance value, and distance traveled are just a few specifics that will pinpoint precisely how expensive your cargo transport is going to be.

By consolidating your shipment costs with a handful of carriers or a solitary transport brokerage you can often negotiate the greatest savings possible.

We manage international and domestic freight transportation from concept to completion.

Enforcement of Import Security Filing (ISF) regulations went into effect January 26, 2010.

Providing false or misleading information to the U. Government will result in penalties in the amount of ,000 for values under 0 or ,000 for values over 0 and/or civil or criminal actions.

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Other distribution capabilities include TL & LTL shipments, rail car unloading, importing/exporting, parcel shipments, lot control, crossdocking, inbound/outbound routing & ocean container 9008 certified.

Our larger competitors put their resources into grand sales presentations, but our resources go into operations and outstanding customer service.

EIF’s consolidated cargo rates apply for almost all USA making it easy for you to handle and calculate import and export rates between different countries.

Freight consolidation & deconsolidation services (for products & parts of all types); includes inbound & outbound management, overseas receiving, warehousing & shipping, unit or bulk distribution, returns & re-stock management.

Capabilities range from component assembly, package design & testing to sorting, ID marking & consolidation services including invoicing and freight bill management and air consolidations.

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