Internet dating dave jones

Ben Nimmo, a fellow at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab, said all signs pointed to the person or people behind “Jones’s” account being employed by the Russian government.

“You cannot give 100 per cent certainty, but you can look at all the different behavioural signs and put it together,” he told “Why would somebody living somewhere in the Solent getting up before 5am in the morning and spending 12 hours tweeting far-right and Kremlin talking points seven days a week. ” Russian whistle-blowers have already exposed what is known as “The Troll Factory” in St Petersburg – a nondescript building where hundreds of agents are paid by the Russian government to operate social media accounts in multiple languages advancing the Kremlin’s interests and viewpoints.

Mr Gates' had previously worked on several presidential campaigns, on international political campaigns in Europe and Africa, and had 15 years of political or financial experience with multinational firms, according to his bio.

Former tabloid journalist and now music publicist Rob Goldstone is a contact of the Trump family through the previously Trump-owned 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which took place in Moscow.In June 2016, he wrote to Donald Trump Jr offering a meeting with a Russian lawyer, Natalya Veselnitskaya, who had information about Hillary Clinton.Mr Goldstone was the intermediary for Russian pop star Emin Agalaraov and his father, real estate magnate Aras, who played a role in putting on the 2013 pageant.He described a scale of Kremlin-backed online activity ranging from automated bots sharing information from state media and trolls who “contradict and abuse” critics, through to more subtle efforts.“The pattern suggests that this account one of the very high end ones,” he told “It’s consistent with the overall Russian strategy.

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