Internet dating is a waste of time

In 20 I was so busy with my full-time job and evening classes that the internet was just a “part-time activity” in the evening, whenever I was searching for something I wanted to know on Google, connected with a friend via a social network or just wanted to be entertained for a while by watching a video on You Tube, etc.So, basically, my internet usage was very low, as I was working, studying, exercising in the gym or hanging out with friends and partying. You may have seen the ads, "meet the love of your life, Russian girls waiting for you", or "Philipina princesses looking for their prince" etc.These ads selling directories of young women looking to correspond with marriage minded American men.Nevertheless, I’m definitely not the only one who noticed this drastic increase of his personal internet usage, as the internet becomes more and more an omnipresent part of everyone’s life, who has access to it via PC, laptop, i Pad or Smartphone.A recent survey conducted by Forrester in 2010 results in the realization that “the average American spends roughly 13 hours per week using the internet”.A friend, a lawyer who works way too many hours to have a social life bought a subscription to a Russian site, met a young lady online, sponsored her and the day she arrived she slipped out the other exit at the airport to meet her waiting Russian gangster boyfriend.Others have had more luck, in particular many friends of mine have established relationships with young Latina women from Colombia, Ecuador or the Dominican Republic having met them through these online services and have gone onto enjoying fulfilling relationships with loving, family oriented women. Shaw[ thousands of young latinas waiting to meet you! Over 2000 profiles of beautiful young Latinas interested in meeting the man of their dreams.

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Aren't there enough eligible single woman here in America waiting to meet their Mister Right?Many of these girls know someone who has already met and married an American man and has had a positive experience to convince them that this may be a route to take.Now the question is, if you are so inclined to look beyond our shores in search of a mate, how do you figure out which site is worth subscribing to?Another more anonymous way is to search the forums online that exist that have active discussions about these and other dating activities, although there will be many people hawking their own sites on these forums there will be more real, usable information available here than anywhere else.You might also decide what kind of woman you'd like to meet, ie.

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