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Likewise, 14 percent of singles don’t like a cracked phone screen.As for those social media posts, 42 percent of singles judge a date first by their social media posts, and the same percentage judge a potential date by their photos.

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“One norm is the dating ritual that says stay focused on the person you are with, they want your full attention, show you are attentive and that you care. For many Americans, we use our phones all the time.“It’s interesting, because while feminism is a term that has a definition, it is also contextualized to mean different things for different people.For some it’s equal rights, but for others it’s challenging norms about gender and difference, and for others it’s a threat to a traditional way of life.With our Singles in America study we have an opportunity to explore a range of questions, some more serious and some more fun, about how people of all demographics experience dating. And we do it together—your moments of wonder and discovery will happen with brilliant IU students and faculty mentors at your side.

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