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Don’t sign up, don’t give them any ad revenue, but read the front page.We promise, you’re going to laugh until you throw up like we did.Usually the only message we got back was a standard generic “wanna meet up? We didn’t set up a single date with anyone on this site.Knowing what kind of gross weirdoes we saw on there, it’s probably for the best in the long run, for us anyway.

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Yes, there are a lot of features, but what’s the point? If someone wants to sign on for sex dating, that person is going to go to a sex dating site.Fortunately (sure), meeting people won’t be a problem, because IWant has almost no members.While we sent out 250 emails on IWant U.com, we got very, very few back.is IWant U any good, is IWant U for real, is IWant U legit, IWant U comparison, IWant U ratings, IWant U review, IWant U scam, online sex dating sites, scam sex dating sites, sites like IWant U, worst sex dating sites IWant is a little different from most of the sex dating websites that we’ve reviewed, and not for any good reason.This website is one of those that promises many different things, and delivers on absolutely none of the ones we tried.

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