Japanese views of dating

Love is a universal language, but everyone views and forms relationships in different ways.

UB’s international student body represents more than 110 countries, each with its own dating culture.

This has stopped the wave of online dating from coming to big cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai.

“Some of my friends have sex before they’re dating someone, but I don’t like that,” Peng said.Elle Machimoto, a junior physics major from Fukuoka, Japan, said that one of the biggest differences she’s noticed is how open Americans are about hooking up with one another.“My roommate here at UB always brings her boyfriend to our room to spend the night or have sex, which would never happen in Japan,” Machimoto said.“Dating in India is getting very similar to the American style,” Agarwal said.“In big cities like Bombay and Delhi, Tinder is being used frequently.

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