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Served in an old-school West Village spot with checker-tiled floors and a seemingly endless parade of buttoned-up waiters, the ambiance is as classic as the burger.

looking to build a cheese plate, the counter at this famed spot serves incredible “melts” (essentially tricked-out grilled cheeses).

Survival in NYC is dependent on a combination of street-smarts and miracles.

Each day brings the possibility that you may meet your end by way of rat bite, subway blunder, or an unsecured air conditioner hurtling toward the pavement.

Here, the “Yep, Chicken & Waffle” comes with tender, a perfectly seasoned fried chicken breast atop a warm cornbread waffle, drizzled in a house-made honey chili sauce.

Come by for Sunday brunch, and your meal will be accompanied by a live gospel choir.

These days, the city is littered with a wealth of pork buns -- but the often imitated, never duplicated OG bun is surprisingly simple: steamed bao, roasted pork belly, cucumbers, and scallions.

The skewered, charred grilled corn on the cob is served steaming hot and topped with lime, queso cotija, chili powder, and house spicy mayo.

This no-frills burger stands on superior ingredients done right: a griddled medium-rare patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickles, all sandwiched between a perfectly squishy bun.

On the corner of Mac Dougal, the spot is just as solid as the uptown original.

Sure, the line is a hassle -- but the thing is delicious.

For true, authentic, Italian red sauce, you have to head to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

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