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) However, after a while, it went away and I could feel fresh citrus notes (orange flower I believe), which would remind you of spring.I could also feel the fragrance of musk and amber, but I felt orange flower and peony are predominant.Personally, I love to sniff products which transcend you to the other regime of your senses.I love how a nice smelling product can uplift your mood completely. I love perfumes and I try to cover all ranges of fragrances.People will turn their heads towards you to admire the fragrance thinking that it is a luxury and premium one. Zara is famously known as a clothing brand, but mind you, like Marks and Spencer it has an influencing fragrance range and that’s how it widens its customer base.BEST OF FAIRNESS: 10 Best Skin Whitening Creams in India | 7 Homemade Face Packs for Instant Glow and Fairness | 6 Best Herbal Fairness Creams | 10 Best Fairness Packs in the Market | 7 Best Pigmentation Creams in India So, overall it is a very lavishly fragrant product which will stay with you for a long time.My love for Zara enabled me to have a nice Zara Eau de Toilette collection.My all-time favourite is Zara Femme and this year, on the occasion of my marriage anniversary, my brother gifted me another one.

Though choices of fragrances are personal, this is definitely there to stay in your wardrobe.Description from Zara says Oriental-floral: Magnolia leaves, green notes, orange flower, golden amber and musk. They have some really artistic packaging, which gives you a sense of satisfaction, although price is not sky high. I fell in love with the “Rose Gold” bottle and yes it was love at first sight!Regarding the perfume, it is a good perfume for mainly evening/night use.Just to try something new, I may pick another perfume from Zara next time.Zara Woman Floral Eau De Toilette Natural Spray Zara Woman Oriental Eau de Toilette Zara Black Eau De Toilette Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette Zara Rose EDT Zara Silk EDT Zara Luminous Flowers EDP is a wonderful combination of various scents bunched into a flower vase.

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