Joe cheng and rainie yang dating

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I had promised to bring some popular Taiwan drama OST downloads and time and memory got away from me but late is better than never.

Here’s the promised post with the official full length release of the theme and ending songs for .

J, you know that 2 of you are the most perferfect love team i ever seen, so please make some drama again, we are here everyday,everymonth, every Year, waiting for yor drama, and i thought too that 2 of you have an relationship because 2 of you are prfect match :-)(-: She's my fave actress beside Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin~ Her acting is awesome!

She managed to play different kinds of characters and gave new vibe to it! I love her character as Chen Baozhu.looks really2x cool in her character the same with Show Lou as Lin Da Lung..

I love male-female duet Mandarin songs and wish there were more but it’s hard to find two opposite sex singers who can harmonize and complement each other’s voices and song styles well.

im start collecting your tv dramas in dvd and all of your song ..

I loved you Hi, My Sweetheart, Miss No Good these dramas were sooo cute! I can't stop listening to Ai Mei (in Chinese and Japanese), Yue Ai, Lang Lai Le, Ninmeng de Pengyou and many more.

Class He in the side cooking series Wearing Contract.

TV sign lin and lot he dating taking Love Ariel lin and mike he dating and had a gristly but catchy.

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