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So, I'm, I was drawing a picture of god, but it's, uh, come out to be more like Jesus, so how 'bout we just stick with that being Jesus? ESPECIALLY on the subject of Christological mysteries. so says activist Russel Means, who last year led the Lakotah Nation in renouncing its treaty obligations with the U. Yet most economists and talking heads in the lamestream media, including print as well as television, failed to see it coming, just as they missed the call on the housing and dot-com bubbles. the failure [of economists] to see the most obvious bubble of my lifetime remains a puzzle." It may be a puzzle to Krugman, but the answer is simple: Most economists and paid commentators are Keynesians (see also this video on the results of Keynesian policy; 7 min 29 sec) who believe in government economic intervention (i.e., control via taxation, regulation and spending) combined with central banks and fiat currencies. uh, one being the father, one being the son, yet, connected at the same time. But, obviously, Jesus is the son that was sent down, and the earthly form that we all have come to reckanize, where god the father, although the Word says, is spirit, I think we always, just because of what we're used to, and how we reckanize things, we place a, a body to to him, and, um, and that's, y'know, that, to me, is, is the difference, that I have a heavenly father that I see as more of the old man, the gray hair, the long beard, uh, and then Jesus as the younger man of the two, um, yet, completely the same, in, um, in spirit and in nature, yet, separate at the same time. The theological lesson here is: people, DON'T make football players string sentences together, please! [remainder of absurd screaming Lovecraftian ending deleted] Oklahoma still fighting for Sovereignty (via Militant Libertarian) To be Sovereign, you must act Sovereign. (Bureaucrash) Secession: The Final Frontier (Lew To Secede or Not to Secede... (NYT) For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U. It is virtually impossible to overstate the dire consequences resulting from the severity of the declines recently experienced in almost all asset classes--from both a technical and fundamental viewpoint." [...] The global financial crisis now underway is larger and deeper than any in living memory; it will be talked about for millennia, assuming mankind survives that long. That means NO pretty pitchurs, and to illustrate (GONG! America is dying with it, for America is more an idea than a set of land boundaries or government institutions; America was explicitly created as a haven for human liberty. Facing the back of the bandshell, he slipped on a large pair of earphones, turned on a portable CD player, and began to belt out Sinatra songs. Every dog up and down Brewery Gulch began barking and howling along. I made jesus mad." Item: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. The rot has been ever-present but sufficiently limited and disguised that Americans could pretend otherwise; our extremely high living standards certainly helped in that regard. The pattern is visibly changing, and the common perception of the United States as a prosperous, safe, and free society where the rule of law (and, far more importantly, actual justice) is the expected and mostly-real norm is rapidly dying. [...] It is worth noting that the United States has already endured hyperinflation twice, once during the Revolutionary War when our fiat "continental currency" lost so much value that the phrase "not worth a continental" entered the American lexicon, and then again during the Civil War. No one asked your permission, and now suddenly you and your children and grandchildren, and probably even their grandchildren, are in debt for an unpayable, galactic-sized pile of money money you did not borrow or spend, but which others did in your name! Tryin' to draw god the father, but to me, it looks more like Jesus . [...] Nearly everything the federal government, the president-elect, and the Federal Reserve have done or have announced plans to do runs counter to what is necessary to recover from today's unfolding disaster.

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on the Congressional Budget Office Budget and Economic Outlook, as acting CBO Director Robert Sunshine testified. So perhaps it is no surprise that the whole enterprise is now collapsing, with government power increasingly drowning individual freedom in a tidal wave of police-state and coercive-socialist tyranny. 31dec2008 — Full text of Robert Paul Smith's NOTHINGATALL NOTHINGATALL NOTHINGATALL ONCE UPON A TIME, SOMEONE WAS LYING IN BED.This 50% is not just wages, but other costs calculated as a percent of wages, such as FICA, medicare, and unemployment taxes and workers comp premiums.So, if I still want to earn a living for myself, and the state says half my costs must go up by 41%, then it means that prices are going up 20 %. Remember, at the same time, fuel prices, electricity prices, insurance prices, and everything else has gone up, so that camping prices have risen by 20% or more.While we like to have someone actually there to answer questions and to help visitors, fee collection machines work 24 hours, are not subject to overtime rules, they never get hurt, they never sue us, and the government never passes laws to increase their price.* We are changing our operating strategy from hiring retired couples who live on-site to hiring younger workers. The business model of hiring retired folks who live on-site at a campground is an old and successful one.

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