Laila ali nude

Thanks to her hard work and athletic artistry, Ali confirmed she was a true champion with eight consecutive wins under her belt after her first match with Fowler.With such an accomplishment, Ali was launched as the emerging star in women's boxing.Later that same year, in September, Ali faced Gwendolyn O'Neil at Atlanta, Georgia, and stopped her in three rounds.The match brought Ali the IWBF Light Heavyweight championship.She also knocked out women's boxing legend Christy Martin in the fourth round.After knocking out Nikki Eplion in a world title-defending match in July 2004, Ali scored her next win in less than two weeks when she beat Monica Nunez in a nine-round knockout in Louisville.She was on her way to further pursue her business career when the attraction of boxing came calling.

Ali returned to boxing with success in June 2002 by beating Shirvelle Williams in a six-round judgment fight.2005 saw Ali beat opponents like Cassandra Geigger, Erin Toughill and Åsa Sandell.It was Toughill that proved to be one of Ali’s greatest victories.But, she did not pick up her first belt until two months later when she knocked out Suzette Taylor in the second round in a battle held at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas and became the International Boxing Association (IBA) champion.Ali scored an even larger triumph in November that same year when she defeated the then-world champion Valerie Mahfood by a knockout in the eighth round.

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