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That afternoon he had lunch with Moses Malone, who told him stories about his rookie season to help pass the time. James was under control from the start, moving smoothly."A year ago I was watching this at the start of the season. He grabbed a rebound 90 seconds in and ran the offense to set up Ricky Davis for a layup.When asked if I could have fouled him to prevent the inevitable, I answered with full confidence, 'Not a chance.Not a chance.'"Just a few months after this game, Damon Jones would end up on the Cavaliers, where he eventually made the winning basket to clinch Le Bron James' first playoff series win.After getting off to a slow start with only two points in the first quarter, James caught fire, dropping 11 in the second, 12 in the third and 16 in the fourth -- the final two coming on a breakaway dunk with 1.9 seconds left to make him the youngest player in NBA history to score at least 40 points in a game."He is a force that moves in, around and through you with such lightning speed and physical dominance that there is little you can do to stop him," Kittles said."I remember a convo with team president Rod Thorn about the final play.

But every once in a while, he'd get hot from beyond the arc -- and this was a prime example.

The players were on the court, the referees had the ball, and the fans were in their seats.

But the start of James' first game was halted because the earlier nationally televised game on ESPN had run long.

For him to settle in transition like that is not like Le Bron. Now you look at it like, 'Oh that's just the NBA.' But back then, nah, that wasn't the NBA.

It's one of those things where he was in the zone and everybody was watching."Truth be told, this would be one of many routine Wade-to-James dunks from their four-plus years as teammates if not for Wade's reaction shortly after dropping the pass, which led to the photo that defined what Joakim Noah called the "Hollywood as Hell" Heat."That's an iconic photo in sports. "I mean, listen, we're two of the most explosive guys out in the open court ever seen in the NBA.

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