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Bypassing the crossover filter For our own Vibratone we have implemented a simple mod where we bypass the crossover filter and wiring harness.

We have drilled a small hole in the back side of the Vibratone cabinet and installed a jack input allowing us to hook up directly to the speaker.

They practically set the Fender logo on the Leslie 16 model ( minor adjustments) and called it a Vibratone.

Guitarists could then have inbuilt chorus and vibrato.

We have not (yet) found any interesting tones combining a lot of effects with the Vibratone.

We push the Bandmaster Reverb slightly, volume around 4-5, with a softly cranked tone from the Vibratone.

The picture below shows a 1964 Fender Vibroverb as the main amp and a 1968 Bandmaster Reverb running the Vibratone.

It was designed to function differently from regular speaker cabinets where you have direct line of slight to to the speaker cones (through a grill cloth).Before such effect pedals were invented these effects were quite rare.The Fender Vibratone is a passive speaker cabinet with no inbuilt amp.The sound waves from the Vibratone loudspeaker is prevented from propagating directly out of the cabinet.The Styrofoam plate is in front of the speaker and it’s uneven shape will redirect the sound waves to certain directions while it rotates.

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