Luann housewives dating

reports that Tom D'Agostino is "Tom has been seeing a few of the women in his life, including Missy, but hasn't rebounded with anyone in particular yet." That's a reference to his ex-girlfriend, Missy Tool. Tom is really trying to take the high road with the divorce." Tom and Luann filed jointly for divorce, so it makes sense for them to try to be amicable.Us Weekly says that another source insists that Missy and Tom are "just friends." Overall, though, that sounds pretty consistent with Tom, though we'd point out that seeing a bunch of different women is fine ... There was a rumor floating around towards the end of their marriage ...

The pair has two children together: Victoria and Noel.(Though the eight-month marriage was so brief that any part of it could also be said to be "right at the beginning") ...That Luann had struck Tom, slapping him in a restaurant. When asked about it, Luann had stated that she had grabbed his face during their conversation. Tom's rumored cheating plagued their relationship almost from the beginning, to the point where it became a storyline on .And Bethenny Frankel isn't exactly what you'd call a , but that sure didn't last.As it turns out, cheating on your fiance right before your engagement party doesn't usually spell success for your marriage.

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