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I found my allotted wall space, lucky #2, hoping for magic to happen." -- Kari "The darkened bar at Saint Vitus was filled with metal paraphernalia and blasting metal at high volume.I noticed a shrine of sorts, complete with a Christlike rendering of a canonized Lemmy, the recently deceased frontman of Motörhead.After all, there are crazy people on every dating site (save for Christian Mingle — the singles on that site are pure sex).But I searched through a good ten pages of woman and five pages of men, and these were pretty much the cream of the crop.My record collection skews heavily toward lyrically focused, melodic alt-rock, not Slayer." -- Brett "I tried to brush up on Spotify, rocking the "Best of Today" metal playlist as much as possible.I quickly realized this was a terrible strategy, and true metal heads would probably NOT be big fans of any type of top-40 list.

The setup was a lot more organized than I expected, the registration only took about a minute.Two intrepid Thrillist writers, unbeknownst to one another, attended to find out."My dating life of late has been an overly courteous train wreck," Brett, the male writer for the event, said.But it was my lack of metal expertise that was more intimidating." "I'm no metal head.It's not that I don't like the genre -- I've been known to throw on the aggressive jam or two to pump me up and for a time in the mid-aughts thought System of a Down was the best band in the world -- but the heaviest music I play on the regular is the more hardcore leanings of Brand New's later discography.

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