Microsoft and outlook and updating increases

As a service to the user community, Microsoft ships the Outlook Web Access source code.CDOs and CDO-HTML are two of the component CDO libraries used by the ASP page scripts to connect to the Exchange service.

CDO allows developers to build their own collaborative Web applications in the same way that Microsoft uses CDO to build the Outlook Web Access client.Also covered are Active Server Pages (ASP) files of Outlook Web Access and how Outlook Web Access can be customized and extended.(17 printed pages) Outlook Web Access Architecture Additional Resources Figure 1 is a high-level diagram of the Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access (OWA) architecture. Outlook Web Access architecture The IIS component should be version 3.0 or 4.0.Again, these changes must be replicated for each language supported. Find-user, Calendar, Contacts, and Inbox are major items on the navigation bar, and are the topmost frames for each navigation component.This area can be used to change the shape of those frames, their placement, or the appearance of components within those frames.

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