My cousin is dating my ex boyfriend Sex chat f

Get all the information as soon as you can to help with your constant anxiety over this situation.And the best advice for trying to get to sleep would be to rest your mind and body as much as possible.I don’t know about you guys, but I take my dreams kind of seriously.Not in a literal form, but more about how I am feeling sub-consciously.But it seems like you’ve already identified what your dream meant and the issue that your sub-conscious is telling you.It is super common to compare the passion and physical attraction of someone in your past to someone you are with now.Everyone has a little freakout moment once they’ve realized that they’ve fallen for someone.I’m sorry that your relationship ended, but I think your dreams might be telling you that you need to let your ex know how you felt then and how you’re feeling now.

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You can’t make yourself become attracted to your new guy.Other times, dreams are just a way for your mind to shed all of the thoughts that you have.Either way you want to look at dreams, there’s no debate that sometimes they can scare the crap out of us.I know that sometimes a dream is just a dream, but recently I dreamt about my ex out of the blue.In the dream, we were really happy, like we used to be.

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