What do you get when you take more than 80 million You Tube views, add the fanaticism of Harry Potter fans, sprinkle it with catchy music and serve it up to an audience of Potterheads?

Whether you’re flying around on that little broom of yours, or singing a song or two…or maybe reminding us all that we’re not alone, right?

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There’s one simple reason why the A Very Potter trilogy works so well: It truly GETS the essence of Harry Potter itself.

The Team Starkid live experience, where the stars of the viral Harry Potter parody musicals brought the magic of their productions live to Orlando last weekend as part of Leaky Con, a four-day celebration of the Boy Who Lived.

The group first found success in 2009 with A Very Potter Musical, which went viral almost instantly, thanks to rabid Potter fans.

Brant Cox is also insanely funny as both Percy Weasley and Grandpa Riddle, and Brian Holden is hysterical as a very very Scottish Hagrid.

‘Everything Ends’ manages to be both extremely funny, and utterly heartbreaking.

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