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Please assist us in our efforts to preserve old time radio. Here is a nice letter we received from one of our club members.

We currently have over 290 Gigabytes (over 48,000 shows) in .mp3 format in the Members area (Many more shows to come, we are constantly adding to our online collection). It's our goal to make this the best OTR site on the Internet and the biggest single online collection of old time radio shows available.You are free to read, or not read these posts as you see fit.Some of our club members like to actively participate in our club by donating shows we don't already have, giving show recommendations to other club members in our forum or picking a good mystery show for our mystery podcast. Just contact me in the discussion forum if you are interested. We only want everyone to enjoy their experience here. All members enjoy the same full time access to every show we have in our collection.All of our shows are in standard mp3 format and may be listened to online or downloaded to your computer to listen to later or put on your mp3 player. If you'd like to join our Old Time Radio Club, see the details further down this page. I'd hate to see something this wonderful just fade away. Everyone who supports our efforts with a donation will receive a lifetime membership in our OTR Club and receive access to our Club Members area.By helping us keep this website going, you'll be playing an important part in this effort. We raise money via donations to pay for our web server, bandwidth and new sets of shows for everyone to share and enjoy. It's your generous support that allows us to maintain and improve this website. We've tried to make it accessible to readers with text to speech web browsers. Access to over 48,000 old time radio shows in our club members area you can listen to and download in the standard mp3 format.

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